Cameron McEwan

Cameron McEwan teaches architectural design, history and theory at the Institute of Architecture, University of Central Lancashire, and is a Trustee of the AE Foundation, an independent organisation for architecture and education. Cameron holds his Masters in Architecture with distinction from Dundee School of Architecture and received his PhD in History and Theory of Architecture from the Geddes Institute for Urban Research, University of Dundee, Scotland, with a thesis on Aldo Rossi and the Analogical City. Cameron has taught design studio and history and theory at all levels at Dundee School of Architecture, where he co-led the Rooms+Cities M.Arch Unit with Lorens Holm; Edinburgh Napier University School of Arts; Wuhan School of Architecture, China; and Hong Kong VTC. Cameron’s research focuses on the relationship between architecture, representation and subjectivity to engage the city as a critical project. His texts and drawings are published in journals and venues including: Drawing On, Drawing:RTP, InVisible Culture, Journal of Architectural Education, Lo Squaderno, Urban Blur, Outsiders for the 2014 Fundamentals Venice Biennale, Edinburgh Royal Scottish Academy, The Lighthouse Glasgow and elsewhere. He is presently writing a book entitled Analogical City



Twitter: @cymcewan

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